Spiritist Assembly held at the Variedades Theater in Bayamón from July 3 to 5, 1915. Fiat Lux, July 10, 1915.

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Spiritism by Puerto Rican Women: From Remarkable Pioneers to Contemporary Heirs studies, documents, and creates digital representations of imperiled cultural heritage materials by pioneer Puerto Rican writers who, as practitioners of Spiritism, helped sustain and transform Puerto Rican society during its disruptive, colonial transition from Spain to the U.S.A. Collection, preservation, and interpretation of their primary works address three primary questions: What happens when women spiritists take on the tasks and discourses that traditionally have defined power? How do they transform the space where society produces its laws and social norms? How do their present-day heirs uphold such discourses? Interpretation of primary works by the pioneers and oral histories by prominent contemporary spiritists provide a scholarly narrative of the origins and development of Spiritism in Puerto Rico by women, and of how they shape and express power in society. An important, overarching goal of the project is to preserve and make available to broad specialist and non-specialist audiences this element of Puerto Rican history, religious culture, and literature for which no equivalent resource is available. By giving these women their rightful place in the historical record, this project seeks to broaden the knowledge of the role of women writers and activists in shaping social responses to power structures by providing insight into a particular domain, namely, that of the philosophy and practice of Spiritism.

Mujeres Espiritistas Puertorriqueñas, Dra. Clara Román-Odio. Indexed Interview
El Espiritismo en Puerto Rico, Dr. Gerardo Alberto Hernández Aponte. Indexed Interview

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